Battery Info Update 2

It’s been some time since I have updated any info regarding battery for Acura B series motors (B16B, B18B,B18C,B20B …) .

There are some cheaper alternatives to the Deka EXT20L or variants of the type ETX20L or the baller side Braille B14115 / 2015.

The thing is batteries are a wear and tear item. Every start damages the cells and that’s the nature of the beast. The other thing is that the smaller the battery results in the increased added care and attention that is needed.

The Cheaper Alternative

  • 20L-BS;   270-280 CCA
  • 20H-BS;  310 CCA

Specs AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat)

Yes, I’m up in Canada so these are a Typical Brand that you can buy here easily.

  • 20L-BS 027-1037 Motomaster Eliminator   270   (L) 6-15/16   (W) 3-7/16   (H) 6
  • 20H-BS 027-1089 Motomaster Eliminator  310   (L) 6-7/8        (W) 3-3/8     (H) 6-1/16
    • Terminal are “A” or normal [don’t care because #racecar]

Real World Weight

  • Motor Master 20L BS     13.8 lbs
  • Motor Master 20 HC      14.4 lbs
  • OEM Battery 51R            25.4 lbs


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