Hope – 海闊天空

The title translate to without restrictions or a brighter future. The direct translation is Boundless Sea and Sky.

Short Version:

Don’t give up.

Long Version:

The song reflects life’s decisions as a cold night rolls in and a snowflake triggers regret.  All our lives we plan and push for the future, yet it’s clouded in mystery. The saudade  (nostalgic) moments in life weigh in and we become empty and directionless in life and love. The hardest part is that no one understand how we feel. It’s difficult to fight the good fight and who knows if it’s the right choice, but what matter is the dreams we have together….


海闊天空 – BEYOND (Translated to English)

《海阔天空》 Boundless as Sky and Ocean
词 曲:黄家驹 [翻译 BY NJKat]
今天我 寒夜里看雪飘过 The night is bitter cold, the snow is flurrying
怀著冷却了的心窝飘远方 My heart is freezing, my mind is wandering
风雨里追赶 雾里分不清影踪 Rushing through the storm, uncertainty surrounded by mists
天空海阔你与我 Between the sky and ocean, will we change in this boundlessness
可会变(谁没在变) — No one can escape the changes
多少次 迎著冷眼与嘲笑 How many times have I faced ignorance and humiliation
从没有放弃过心中的理想 Never have I given up my dreams and determination
一刹那恍惚 若有所失的感觉 In a moment of distraction, a feeling of abstraction
不知不觉已变淡 The love in my heart has faded without realization
心里爱(谁明白我) — Can anyone understand?
原谅我这一生不羁放纵爱自由 Forgive my passion for freedom, and the untamed heart
也会怕有一天会跌倒 Even someday I am also frightened, I could fall hard
被弃了理想谁人都可以 Everyone has a choice to betray their believes
哪会怕有一天只你共我 Even someday I have nothing but you, I wouldn’t be scared
仍然自由自我  I will always be the free spirit and proud,
永遠高唱我歌 I will forever sing my songs out loud,
走遍千里 I will nonstop walk across thousands of miles



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