Back in the Garage

DCF 1.0

Now that there’s snow on the ground there is no real reason to drive out in the race car. I do have winter tires, but then who wants to explain why there’s a full full cage in the car if the car gets involved in a winter fender bender.

The race car is technically still a street car and would pass an inspection.  Lights, the factory dash clock, windows, heater controls, the horn, and even the exhaust noise….  What would be grey is the full race cage that sits inside. Before you ask, the factory seat belts are also attached and can be used (awkwardly and most likely dangerous) ;) . This is just in case we get stopped by an over zealous dork on the street.

DCF 1.0

Those that have worked underneath the race car we keep hearing compliments on the welding for the stainless steel exhaust (fabricated by Aryln). It’s starting to turn into a cool bronze / gold. The picture is dirty – but what did you expect – it’s driven not parked.

I’ve been thinking of wrapping the pipes to help accelerate the exhaust out and keep the heat down, but then images of fire get to me so we’ll see if this ever becomes a concern on the track. Exhaust wrap catches on fire very easy :( (don’t ask how I know).


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