The Sept 2007 Dyno

I thought I didn’t take any pictures at all since it was just myself and Toma that day.  Pretty hectic since it’s more than just a re-tune. The change is from Uberdata to Hondata S200 with a 3bar map sensor.

DCF 1.0A lot of things can go wrong and I don’t like just good enough. A lot of folks I don’t get how they are willing to spend dyno time on fixing the car. With that in mind I also bring tools or things that I think I may need. I treat this as if I am going to a race.

Nothing ends the day when you find out your missing that one little part or that part failed…. That over preparedness paid off as gave Toma pointed out – “Your the only guy I know that brings their own extension cord”. A bit over prepared but we used it to power the fan :)

It was pretty painless until we turned on the O2 sensor to close loop and then things just went crazy.

Things I have ruled out:

  1. New MAP sensor – also tested before
  2. Hondata –> Reload new B18B / RS map
    1. Tested and did a street tune before
    2. Ran a base run – ECU seems to respond
  3. Apexi – could be set improperly
    1. Good thing Rage2 wasn’t busy when I called so the settings are ok

In the end we found a tiny exhaust leak right underneath the turbo down pipe flange.

So, we stopped at 240whp with the O2 Sensor in open loop until I fix the leak.

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