Stage 7 Cold Spark

Good parts are hard to come by and ignition falls under that area plus mystery. It is one of the vital parts for an engine management, but not much information is available; coupled that parts are difficult to get and $$ to purchase.

The typical consumer info

What’s important is to inspect the condition of your current plugs, and then choose a plug accordingly.

See, it’s magic 😀

There are a lot of factors in deciding a type spark plug – compression ratio, piston and ring designs, volumetric efficiency, temperature, distributor system…


The first set of plugs were the standard V groove NGK.  Under some heavy driving the spark plug tip wore down quickly – so it’s not an option.

The Type R uses cold range 7 plugs and the RS uses 6 so we figured we would stick with these and data log from there as a base.

The Denso  IK20 is bascially a NGK range 7 plug (temperature ranges vary from manufacturer so you do have to do your research). Starting with a colder plug and the iridium core having better heat temperatures this would provide (in theory) a base for us to log data.

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