Stage 6 – Clutch

It was only a matter of time to remove the stock clutch in flavour of a race clutch.

It couldn’t hold 5 psi of boost.



The old clutch to the left and pressure plate and the heavy stock fly wheel.

On inspection there is some pitting as expected, but overall not bad.



On to the porn pictures race parts!

Thanks to Aand at for helping us out.


I can’t believe how light the fly wheel is (of course, it would have been better if I took out the scales for comparison – sorry, I forgot).

After that a few minutes of struggling with aligning the transmission we came to the conclusion the exedy alignment tool is garbage – luckily we have a junk axle that we just cut and voila, a perfect clutch alignment tool. Ready to go out for a drive.

Lessons learned:

  • This is 2 person job – it can be 1, but you need to plan ahead
  • The exedy tool is garbage. There is too much play for it to work correctly or you could get lucky.

A few more pictures of the install

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