Stage 1 – HKS Power (The Shell)


We also bought a wrecker in anticipation (You might have seen a snap shot of it in the EG introduction post)


It was in need of more than a little band-aid.


In about an hour we had the motor ready to come out – funny how much work it takes to get a smashed up car ready.



Some sections need a little persuasion.

DCF 1.0

Five hours later we have it transplanted, coolant (sorry, no pictures of the motor with the rad) topped up and ready for a drive. Not too bad for just 2 guys and a cherry picker. The geeky part, is that we timed timed our selves. The next motor transplant we’re aiming for under 4 hours.

Things we learned:

  • Sledge Hammer is your friend
  • Cutting wheel also a good friend
  • When things get tough use a van
    • Seriously – the van is an awesome extractor of parts

When all else fails – torch it


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