Stage 1 – The EG

At the end of the 2003 AGM I officially stepped down from Calgary Sports car Club (CSCC) as acting Solo2 Director (4 years) and chief of timing (6 years).

It was just time; I wanted to race more and I found it difficult juggling multiple CSCC duties (I setup and still look after the CSCC forum).  Truth be told I was hardcore and I was getting burnt out. I ran lapping events, participated in Solo1 – I was always first one at the track and the last one out….

Early 2004 something was a miss… I met a few more friends that were car enthusiast and it rekindled my love in cars racing. I was never a car person. Don’t get me wrong, I like the show cars, but to me cars have to be driven. This won;t be a garage queen.

Where does that bring us….

DCF 1.0

I partner’d up with Terry and we decided to build a street race car. That’s right, the car will be street-able.

Months of searching for an EG shell turned up nothing until we spot a for sale thread on

Phone call:
Me: “Hi, I’ll take that damaged EG shell off your hands”
Seller: “Sorry, some guy called …. is picking it up in 30 mins”

It looks like we have some competition from our friends at Thanks Kenny – you bastard!

The other shell that was in contingent was the EF Civic body (I think we’ll have a write up on Hung’s EF). It looks like the EF shell is very competitive in SCCA. After weeks of working on the EF and converting it over to a B18C5 (aka Integra Type R); we are giving it the finger.  Terry and I swore we will never work on the EF.

Four months past after passing many expensive EG shells that wouldn’t pass  a road test.


A pretty clean shell.

may15_2004_087It even came with a deck – which we immediately pulled out as we know that will be the first thing thieves go for.


It even came with a some spare hub caps 🙂


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