BLOX – Oil Filter Relocation

This year’s program is to re focus at the Civic and so that means we need to improve heat management.

A comparison shot of the Greedy/Trust oil sandwich block adapter to the blox oil filter  adapter . It’s pretty obvious the Greddy is less restricting.

The filter side for the BLOX- the Greddy is an adapter.

It’s pretty much the same size.

It most likely won’t matter with the introduction of a restriction; oil pressure would increase a bit and the fact that it goes through the oil cooler there’s going to be a drop in pressure as well.

Block oil adapter side -10AN holes

Filter side -10AN holes

The design is a little complicated (in my view) in comparison to the Greddy kit.

But… It’s a pretty penny and I don’t have a money tree.

It was a good surprise that they sent me an anodized version. A little more heat resistant , though not very much, but still a bonus.

Reading some reviews there were complaints in the threading as being notchy. In my thinking a simple fix is to chase the threads. It didn’t sound like a real complaint until the box arrived and the threaded section is not clean – edges are sharp and material left over from cutting.

Being an anodized part i would have hopped they debured the thread before coating – no such luck. A little emery cloth and running the bolt back and forth should clean it up.

Final note these are the Viton / Fluorocarbon seals. Should be good to go 🙂

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