Portland 2015

Driving… It’s not the same anymore and yet it is. I started driving again this year.Some good encouragement from the friends and so off I go to racing.

This is the first few minutes of driving. I was relearning the track. Last time I drove @ PIR was 2012 (bringing home 1st place).  You see my hand clench a few times as I catch myself making mistakes. The problem is I would only catch the mistake after where I would catch it midway and correct. The audio dies after 30 seconds so it becomes less entertaining without engine noise.

I drove better after I settled in, but my mind wondered at times. My seating position wasn’t very good. You can kinda tell I am reaching a bit and as a result I kept trying to adjust. The fact is talent wasn’t there.

This was the first time I have driven at PIR without being drenched in torrential down pour. I remember telling my wife then that this track was so fun to drive in the rain. It was like race city – without the pot holes and sketchy pavement.

Truthfully, I drove angry for what seemed like eternity. I kept reminding myself to focus and to drive smart. It didn’t work out – I went off course 4 times.  They weren’t big off’s and only one did I lose a position that I had to gain back.

I kept pushing the limit when I came across a competitor; instead of strategically reeling them in.

My heart’s not in it love. I kept wanting to call her to give her updates as I always do. The stupid things your mind tries to reason with yourself.

A mustang hits me.. and I lift off. Silly of me to lift. Never lift. Yes, it’s the

Yes, it’s the fault of the mustang. He wanted to squeeze inbetween a civic and me.  He just didn’t have the talent to pass me cleanly for 4 laps. That’s the problem with Chumpcar and some of the drivers where they think rubbing is racing.

It is what it is. The team and I finished 2nd in class … wooopie… We sucked. I sucked.


  • I decided to release this post. I don’t like sad stories anymore.

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