Shell shock


Synology uses busybox; so it uses sh. However, sniffing through I come up with a hit for “bash” and it turns out it was for a package for heart beats communication between synology box’s.

A quick test yeilds:

env X="() { :;} ; echo HACKED" /usr/syno/synoha/bin/bash -c "This is a test"

 "This is a test"

Which is no surprise since  it’s using bash, but does the flaw extend outside of that service? At the moment I can’t find a way to execute that service through an external link (sorry, not smart enough yet).

Other system with bash in the environment this is the typical test:

env X="() { :;} ; HACKED"  -c "This is a test"

This only works if bash is in the environment for you to call up. It could be hidden in a package like with Synology or something popular like Optware.

Optware is popular in many firewall applications.

Fixed version you would see:

bash: warning: x: ignoring function definition attempt
bash: error importing function definition for `x'
this is a test

One last thing to check the version to see if you have the latest patch:

foo=’() { echo not patched; }’ bash -c foo

Before going on a mass panic and checking firewall devices and applications.  Keep in mind that you need a service that is exposed that would or can be called and makes use of the bash command.


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