ChumpCar Portland October 2012

An outside video as I pass a yellow miata and and a fiero on the outside line in the rain at Portland International raceway. What a fun track to drive. it has elements of race city and the best part is that it’s smooth. Although, many of the drivers complain about the track being rough… they’ve never driven at an unmaintained race track (Race City Motorsport Park)- lol

I am in the red Integra passing both race cars on the outside race line. I did hesitate on the initial pass (I tucked in to draft) as I wasn’t too sure if they would block. The other worry was that the yellow miata might pull out cut off my line, but that would be a disadvantage in leaving a gap on the right. The pass is clean, but you can clearly see I am cutting it close as I pass the brake markers.

Over the radio I would be periodically asked if I could pass XX race car. A lot of times I would reply I don’t see that race car. The visibility was very poor for three quarters of the track. The front straight was the only section that you could really see, but then you worry about kissing the wall from hydroplaning and getting sucked in if you pushed the car. In between the rain the other concerns would be traffic. There were lots of carnage as other race cars went off the track or came back on and hit another race car. It was fun.

So, in the end I went from position 19 from the start and ended up in 6th place over all in the two hours; not bad for a track I have never driven on and in the rain no less. Lots and lots of pucker moments, but really fun to drive. From there the team moved to position 2 until the final hour…

My wife was cheering me from home and when we chatted on the phone I told her that felt a little defeated when I was driving. It was tough and I really thought I was being razzed when I was being told over the radio that I was in P12… P10… P8, especially when I can’t see more than 10 feet from the down pour of rain.

During that time I honestly kept trying to run the fast lines to catchup to the other Chumpers that i thought were ahead of me – thinking i was driving too slow; it didn’t help that there was a long time before someone on the radio talked to me. In my mind I thought I was passing the back packers. The thing is with Chumpcar when they drop the green flag it is a random occurrence, they use a dice.  I was on the back straight when it was green. Anyway, my wife laughed at me – “don’t be stupid, honey bunny”.

We finished as champions on the main race (First overall) and in this race we lost 3rd gear, and then 4th gear started to go. In the end we had to concede from position 2 and chasing first overall to limped the chumper home to the finish line in eleventh,11 position. Can’t win them all.


  • Yes, I know this post is from 2012 and yet I am posting in 2014. Life gets in the way 🙂

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