Bye Bye Type R Wheels

No more Type R wheels 🙁

I sold 4 sets out of the 6 sets I had.  I’ve shed a tear for them, but they’ve gone to a good home.

Time for some grow up wheels that can support 225/45/15 race tires.

My choices seem limited only on the rim diameter. It looks like these days 15″ is too small of a wheel.

Current issues:

  • 15X7 or 15X9 – First world problems …
  • must clear spoon caliper
  • not rub the fender (though not really an issue since I will roll more of the fender

The current TE37 with a +43 offset will fit with a 3mm spacer, but there’s very little room between the caliper and wheel. In the end I keep forgetting this is a race car. What this means is that I don’t have the same constraints as a street car.

Wheels I’m looking for:

SSR Type C 15X7 or 9;  5/114.3 +42 10.4lbs
TE37 15X7 or 9; 5/114.3 +35, +43 9.92/9.81 lbs
5Zigen FN01RC
BuddyClub P1 QF

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