Another Clutch

After the season the Exedy clutch packed it in… or so I thought…



The clutch looks good with no damage or discoloration and the springs look good. I was expecting all three issues as the clutch just slipped under boost.



And then we looked at the pressure plate which looks like it has seen better days (Sorry, I forgot to take picture of the arms which are out of spec).

The next step is installing some beefier parts…


An hour later and the transmission is back to where it should be.


Lets hope this holds up to abuse!

A big thanks to Mark (Kungfu Panda) and Rick for helping me. It would have taken me a day to install opposed to just an hour!

Also, Thanks to MyTires and STRD for coming through with parts.


** Update**

ACT heavy duty pressure plate is a monster to engage. It’s a work out for the left leg to engage. Driving around town – this clutch is amazing. No chatter (yet), engagement is smooth unlike the characteristics of the Exedy which was a handful to engage.

We’ll see what happens after 500 KM . So far with 50 km on it I am loving the clutch. An unsprung clutch isn’t so bad…

On a side note I got to drive an OS Giken twin/multi clutch setup and I was very surprised at how tame it is given that it’s a race clutch. I so want… I just can’t justify the price tag yet. Thanks to Mark for letting me drive his street/time attack setup RSX.

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