Cold and Wet Solo2


The Toyota Celica Supra hidden in the field of frost.

Stitched Panorama

It was a cold morning and a long drive up but who would give up a chance to drive on a private track?


Hitched the Celica up to the TLC and headed out to a field.

A big thanks goes to Matt (Talonman) – Without the tow bar we would have had a hard time getting to the event!


Yup, in all it’s glory. What a fun winter RallyX car.


We were getting better and better at figuring out rear wheel drive.


The track is actually an acreage that belongs to Orin’s family. He spent a month tilling the land on his own free time. Thanks Orin!

IMG_3625mThe design of the track is quite large so we also put the TLC for marshaling duties. The track got muddy as cars drove through.



Soyan and Shirley sitting warm in the TLC and watching / waiting for someone getting stuck.



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