2009 ARCA Race School

Another Season for fresh blood ;)

ARCA School May 2 2 images


I am instructing this year so I didn’t bring out a real camera. I took some quick snap shots. This is Group B (Group B is behind me).

ARCA School May 2 3 images

For the event I was suckered volunteered into getting brooms and supplies (spare extinguishers) that were at Whissel Contracting shipping container.  Ofcourse, this wouldn’t be a big deal until the organizer looked at the ACR and gave a “WTF” look – “You have a cage in that car?”. To which I answered back – “and you don’t?”.

In the end, I borrowed Super Dave’s  3rd gen Prelude (talk about OG) – what a fun car to drive.  I met Jared at Whissel Contracting to grab the keys. To which Jared says, “Hey, I know you, you’re Phil’s kid”. Talk about being a small world. My dad’s owned a  ice cream shop and manufactured Ice Cream – Phil’s Ice Cream.

Mmmm GTR goodness



The first day is always about the basics.

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Car handling basics
    • Introductory
    • Auto-slalom
    • There is less emphasis on driving with greater understanding  what driving is
  • Lots of different instructors in varied disciplines (some good some bad)

Mark, Taras, and Andy came out to apply for their competition race license.

I forgot to mention also

The school was a lot more personable having people I know take the school. It was interesting to hear everyone’s take on what they learned and what frustrated them.

The second day is about:

  • Applied knowledge
    • Driving on the track
    • Putting some of the knowledge into practice

Keep in mind after the race school. It’s just a first step into driving better. It’s a not a license for speeding… So I’m told 😀

Some more photo’s of the event can be found here.




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