TLC: CruiserDan contact

Since I call often for parts and the days I do I forget to have my phone on me:

Toll free works in Canada :).

Free shipping in the US after XX order
– Shipping to Canada is brutal since it is through UPS (Don’t do it unless you MUST)

Weekday Hours: 800AM to 600PM
Saturday Hours: 800 AM to 500PM
Sunday Hours:
Phone: 505-823-4440 or 800-432-6668
Fax: 505-821-7566

Main switchboard: 505-823-4440
Parts direct: 505-821-7052 ext 8

Dan is a great resource. Locally I could buy the parts, but it’s a lot of extra work to verify the part and a lot of times the parts guy here has no idea – “sorry, the part is discontinued”, when it is not.

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