ARCA 2008 Nostolgia Race Weekend 4

That’s right I made it to the final season!

It was an awesome weekend and it almost didn’t happen.

I was contemplating in not going as I wanted to keep my financial obligations a bit more on par since this year’s spending has been heavy… very heavy, moving, then friends weddings, and of course family weddings to attend to (08/08/08 or 888; the triple eight – the road to riches has a special meaning for the Chinese community).

I’m also stacked at work with ongoing projects that have been hectic (traveling doesn’t help either) leaving not much time at night for anything else. I really should be in the business of selling violins.

The task list is complete and I have a good night’s sleep. the only minor issue is that it has been raining. Do I worry? I have rain tires 🙂

Arriving at the track it’s just damp and so to my disappointment I won’t be using the rain tires.

Mark’s checking out my added vent for freshness. Ant and Gary are going over tire pressures for the sentra. Thanks to Dan @ Screamin Paint Works for letting me borrow the trailer for racing.

No idea what mark is doing. Ant is catching some sun. It’s pretty muddy and you definitely do not want to step or drive in the muck.

Stress level 0

The funny part of the day is Corolla Dave points out that we could have moved a few more spots up and we would be out of the mud. He  pointed out it’s just human nature to always go to the same spot all the time. The thing is Anythony and i discussed about picking a better spot, but people get all bitchy when you take “their” imaginary spot.

Gary decided that it was better to be car poor than house poor. He bought a series 1.

Nothing wrong with that.

The only drama was finding what seemed like a small oil leak that turned into a small puddle. It was like trying to find waldo , but I only had 30 minutes and waldo I was hoping to not find a hole. Corolla Gary drops by to razz on me that I should be a GT car and move into a proper class – I digress. He gives me a hand in looking for the oil leak and points out that it looks like the oil gasket shifted.  Wonderful!

Stress level 0.5.

So, I spray brake cleaner, wipe dry, add a layer of black gasket maker, and hope it dries in 20 minutes.

And so the day ends with smiles. No real drama. Well, there was a moment when I was on boost heading up on Corner 9 and then tapped for brakes  and it sunk to the floor. The peddle didn’t even come up. I had to flip it back up and hope it would bounce back on the next stab.

Lesson – gently on throttle lift when on boost for braking zones.

The oil leak at the moment has stopped and to make sure for the next day that things start off right. I cleaned and added more black gasket maker – I didn’t want to use Honda bond as I only have one tube and that stuff is gold. I will have to re do the oil pan.

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