ARCA 2008 Nostolgia Race Weekend 4 Day 2

Day 2 comes and it rained a little and so th track is just a little damp. The fun part has been keeping up with the NSX, but I’m still fighting with brakes. I have to be gentle and I have a suspicion it is the fluid that I am passing the point of boiling.

The caliper shows 306 Celcius/ 582.8 F and the Wilwood brake fluid is only rated for 570 F dry.

Still my first love.

It was a beautiful day for racing.

The money race.

The heart breaker was with Super Dave in-between corner 1 and 2 he lost control and Dougie (No. 66) not far behind ends up tagging Super Dave. A full course yellow is thrown out on the track and the pace car comes out. As a full lap has completed and the pace car is picking up cars in order. This was the craziest thing I saw –  a lone Porsche driver decides to ignore the full course yellow and decides to make a speed run. Why?

Shawn B and a Marshal (Sorry, I forgot).

I know what you’re thinking and you are right. The idiot drives right into Super Dave; t-bones him. The red flag gets thrown out and the secondary safety crew and ambulance now head out. Thankfully, Dave is ok and the cage took the brunt of the force.

The EF is done – I just don’t see how duct tape – I mean race tape will salvage the car. I was more concern for Dave and so that ended any more picture taking. The medic’s release him and we all pitch in and help mount the EF on to the trailer.

I didn’t find out who the Porsche driver was. I’ll have to catch up with Hima and see if he knew who was driving.

That ends racing for the summer. I hear Ice racing will be coming up soon…

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