Stupid Caliper

The left rear caliper seized and it made sense why it scared the living crap out me when I was on the track. It’s prob been sticky for awhile now. I’ve been commenting how the car drives a bit funny under heavy braking and well, now I know this was the other reason.

The ugly…

PICT0348Frak, stupid Type R part that is on back order and with a hefty price tag of $254.. The price for being a baller.

In hindsight, having replaced the left rear caliper the right should have also been rep[laced as well.
DCF 1.0
Luckily, a friend had one on stand by and so I was able to quickly replace it for the next event. This rear caliper is an odd part. The bleed screw is a 11mm head and the ebrake mounting location is set at a slightly different angle. This is a Type R  part – we are thinking it’s a UK version.


PICT0349The next baller part is the banjo washers at $2.50 ea …

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