Re: ARCA 2008 Whisell Race Weekend 2

The drama of racing.

It’s bee frustrating getting the car to the level that it is track worthy. There is just so much to complete. I didn’t even finish my check list.

It’s a shame that venture with a friend didn’t work out. He was too naive and I think maybe ego got in the way as I post over 10 seconds faster than he does on the track.

Anyway, during a short period of time this was what was added on top of working 10+ hours at work and traveling:

Fire Suppression:

Fire Supression

Disabled Steering lock

Steering Lock

Battery Remount


Front Facial Shield

ED 209 Effect

Bolt Fix / exhaust leak

Bolts and Bits

New Gasket Fix for turbo compressor exhaust
*Thanks Matt!!*

Turbo Gaskets


Stage 7 – Gauges and Bling

Motor Mounts (very sloppy when on the track until this was added)

What’s a little vibration? (Motor Mounts)

Coolant lines fixing

Oil Pressure and Coolant Temp Revisted

Catch Can Remount

Catch Can Revisited

Getting tires re mounted and changed over

Tires and more tires

** This was just gay having to do this twice and pretty much a waste of money.

On top of this life and everything in between. I do see other people being able to put out that much energy for racing and I am at awe because I don’t know where that comes from. I’m running on four hours of sleep everyday and I still can’t keep up.

The big drama with rushing to get the car ready as Friday night – last minute as is the case. I just finished cleaning the interior, re torqued all the bolts, and rechecked the ECU …

The civic fails to start. Stupid race car. The Hondata S200 (that’s what you get for a used unit – lots of funky quirks). The famous CEL comes on for data read connection error. It’s now 10 PM and nothing I can do. I call Ant and threw in the towel. But, he wouldn’t hear of it and neither would Gary as they were doing the same thing as I was – last minute preparations. So Ant called in a couple of friends at STRD (Speed Tech) and off I go in borrowing a spare ECU and a spare S200 late at night.

By the time the Civic is trailer up and parts in the TLC it is just 3 am. It doesn’t look like I will get my usual 4 hours of sleep as I need to be up at 6:15 am so that I am at the track at 7 am to steal good spots for pitting at the track.

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