ED 209 Effect


The EG reminds me of the ED-209. It has that “cute” happy face instead of a mean, lean, race car. graphiclab_ed-209-repair-guide_1392020177.full

The original drawing of ED-209 had the grill reversed so it looked like it was smiling. An easy fix was to flip the grill around – I don’t have that option…


In any case you’ll notice a difference in grill’s. The very top grill (shiny) is a store bought grill cover – I think made by vibrant. It’s a tuner part and the wrong thing to install. It will protect the grill from debris, but it channels the air incorrectly with the possibility of created dead spots. Driving a force induced car, dead spots are a deal breaker.



As it turns out, there is a science to mesh and it’s not chicken wire.

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