Aug 31 08 Rain and More Rain

It’s been raining for the past couple of days and it feels more and more like Vancouver this year – when it rains it just pours and pours.

If I drove the ACR out I know I would have a difficult time navigating on Deerfoot. Anyway, tonight I took the TLC out and headed to the office to run a backup change over at work.  It’s just pouring heavy rain out on Deerfoot. You know it’s bad when you start seeing some cars huddled dangerously underneath the overpass for shelter.

The TLC although is heavy I’m also finding it hard to drive and keep a slow pace of 90kmh. Hit a puddle and the SUV wants to wander. I think the front and rear viscous coupling type LSD ends up fighting a bit with the center diff. So, I hit the CDL (Center Diff Lock) switch and the twitchyness goes away.  Yup, more and more I love the TLC.

The funny part of the night:
Around 1 am by memorial a new maxima comes barreling down towards the corner heading west; about 150 m before the bridge cross over to 4th ave. What a dumbass. I’m driving a 4X4 with limited slip and even I have difficulty at speed. So, like an idiot  he barrels down and I’m thinking he better have some good rain tires… he hydroplanes into the wall and spins out not once but twice into the wall and then angles sharply to the right to the curb side.

I threw on the hazards and the other car behind me which by coincidence was a Jeep also stops. I go out and offer assistance and the guy says he’s fine and that the car just “slid on the water”. The girl behind me comes out too and she elected to stay so I went to work.

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