ARCA 2008 Whisell Race Weekend 2

July 5-6 2008 Whisell Race Weekend 2

What a day.. if it didn’t break it did the last minute!

My pit crew slacking…

The civic just looks way too happy

Anthony setting up in the morning (Gary and Gary walking by to give a hand)

Kyle’s rental ride –> Fuel problems

Jason, Andy, and Kevin

Jason caught me spying…  I mean taking pictures

Buckled in for the practice race
(Don’t ask why I have a fist)

Waiting for cars to sort out so I can line up (Some shade from my Dad –  it was getting hot)

Awesome picture.

Heading out from Corner 10

Pondering life the universe and everything else…  Or maybe I’m pissed for driving poorly…

or my new saiyan (DBZ) look lol

Lots of work – no rest for the wicked

Hmmmm good thing I ‘m wearing a helmet – must fire that pit worker!

There’s so much to do and so little time for pictures.

My sponsor Screamin’ Paint Works

The awesomeness tow pig – 94 TLCThanks Simon for helping me out.

Part 2       Part 3


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