ARCA 2008 VOTP Race Weekend 3 Part 2

Day 2

Well, day 2 comes and Mark L (Kungfu Panda Nicknamed) shows up after practice. Lucky him we get to bleed brakes again and change rotors that are hot from practice. The next session is in 40 minutes.

For shits and giggles we put a probe on the rotor after 10 minutes, 296 Celsius / 564.8 F . Well, we can’t wait. Gotta change it out. Rotor out, new fluid and we are back ready to battle it out on the track.

New rotors will mean I need to bed them in on the track and be gentle as I could lose them if I hit them too hard.That was the coaching I gave myself – be aware. The last 5 minutes of the race I catch up to the Datsun 510 heading up to corner 9 and he brakes much harder than what I thought he would do and I immediately lose brakes. The brake peddle sinks to the floor. Anyway, I was able to slow down just enough, but I am sure he was like WTF is this Civic doing all over my rear view mirror in a braking zone.

The other red EG and Super Dave.

Miles is not racing this year and is I think Pit crew chief for a group of formula’s.

Oh yeah! This would have been even cooler if it was painted Nitro Yellow Green. I only briefly got to chat with Noel (I think that how it’s spelt ).

Vintage racing was also part of this event. This was pretty cool.

Mr. Hollwood – Hima Maher

At the end of both day’s we head to the pub and enjoy a good dinner and mostly bull shit who was driving better than who.

Here is my trials and tribulations at the end of the event.
The post race analysis:

    • Seized rear caliper
    • Front Right wheel bearing loose or damaged
      • Alignment (getting really tired in measuring and re measuring)

Left rear calipers has seized. I should have trusted my instincts more of why things happened the way they did. There was so much involved at getting the the car to the track I lost focus on the important things. The fact that i had to keep bleeding the brakes should have been the big indication that something was locking up prematurely.

The small saving grace was that I did take the left caliper apart and rebuilt it prior to the race, but it goes to show I need a bit more mechanical aptitude.

The downside is that Type R parts are expensive at the tune of $230 a side and of course they are on back order. Thanks to Rick I only had to buy one. He ended up having a one for the left side that he doesn’t need. i need a money tree.

The caliper that came in came from the UK factory and guess what they are 11 mm bleed screw compared to the 10 mm (this sucks)

The front left wheel bearing being loose and WTF happen there? No idea, and why did this not show up in alignment – no idea.  I’ll chuck this to a racing incident.

** Disclaimer
I did take a week and a half off travelling for family and visited my cousin in New York. I know, who does that over racing?

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