What’s a little vibration? (Motor Mounts)

spoon civic EG EK B16 B18 engine damper model 34850 (1)

The engine dampener did nothing to stop the motor from rocking as we waited for motor mounts to come in. We’re starting to see stress marks on the B pipe.


The numbers:


  • Weight: 6.8 lbs


  • Weight 3.0 lbs


Side Engine Mount (Both left and right)
54 lbf-ft – Mount Bolt
47 lbf-ft Side Bolts


DCF 1.0

DCF 1.0

Transmission Mount

54 lbf-ft – Mount Bolt
38 lbf-ft Side Bolts

It would have been nice if Innovative provided the right bolts though I hear I’m lucky to even get bolts 🙄  Installation was pretty straight forward. The rear mount was difficult, but that might have been on account for a fractured rib.

Old – New

DCF 1.0

DCF 1.0
Machined parts are always prettty

DCF 1.0

DCF 1.0


Rear Mount placement


DCF 1.0





First Impressions:
– Vibration is at a minimal compared to my ACR neon that has solid mounts. It’s barely noticeable on idle. Now, I worry that this was the wrong choice.

edit: not recommended for anyone with fractured ribs for installation… it took me twice as long and it was rough trying to torque 43lbs/ft and 54lbs/ft… Thanks J’ for dropping by and helping me!

Driving impression:

  • Full boost shifts are smooth
  • There is no engine movement (on the street it feels solid)
  • no noise or funky vibrations.

The stiffness of 85A or even their solid 95A I believe would have been the better choice. I keep forgetting – Race car. Yes, the EG is street legal, but the majority of it’s life will be the track. I’ll have to compare notes with Anthony on his 75A mount for his RSX.



May 30, 2008

As the week went by vibrations are now felt through the chassis. It’s very minimal when compared to the ACR neon.

I met up with Anthony and was able to take his time attack RSX for a drive and with the same motor mount (75A); the entire chassis vibrates, the dash, the steering wheel… It’s a harsh setup.

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