Turbo Gaskets

It took some time to find the exhaust leak. At first I thought it was a shifter seal that may have popped off from change the the arms to a Type R in hopes that it would tighten the shift points – nope that wasn’t the cause. Then I checked the exchaust donuts – maybe the spring or flex pipe is damaged – nope …


The culprit is a slight crack between the T3 flange discharge flange. Not a big deal… I called up the local turbo shop “Alamo”and I get a surprised parts guy.

“Oh, you don’t need a gasket for that. It just fits. We sometimes will use hi temp permatech sealent”

So, that avenue turned sour pretty fast. I quickly dropped by the local tunner shops and they have nothing (not surprised) – so maybe the turbo shop was right?

In the mean time I can’t wait for parts as the car needed to be ready for the dyno from the US so I turn to Mr. Gasket.

Seems like a good idea at the time….



So, the gasket lasted all of thirty minutes. PICT0248

I gave Matt (Mr Talon / ConeKiller) a call about my dilemma and a few hours later I have in my hands…


CNC graphite gasket rated for 1600F.  It’s awesome to have race friends that have access to CNC machinery.

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