WinterAutoX Event 7 and 8

The season ended and it was fun and entertaining (a lot more entertaining than anything).

I have such appreciation for Kris S in his rally Corolla. It’s such a game of patience when it comes to driving FR (RWD) in slippery conditions. Too much power and you lose traction. Too little and you go very slow. There’s also a delay that’s needed coming from a FF background – jamming on power results in oversteer or nothing (wheels just spin). Left foot braking is your friend.

I’ve been having a hard time in balancing drifting the rear end out and maintaining speed.  It has been painful to wait whereas in a FF I would just go back on the throttle to pull the car out.  All the times I posted I think are actually pretty fast minus the fact I spun 1 or even 2 times. So, these could be quick runs if I was more patient.

Matt was telling me I need to keep my foot planted more while in a drift and to use caster a lot more. When I kept the car loose it did feel easier to control; maybe, I’m too spoiled with all the “good stuff ” in my current cars.  It’s such an odd feeling to loose grip and to modify every turning radius since the surface area changes with every pass. It does though bring to mind power over seems like the solution (but then you see Kris and Eric and it just reminds you it’s all driver).

Anyway, less thinking for this year. The season is over and it was filled with good company and good times.  I miss driving.

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