Update Feb 27, 2008

Small Update. I’ve been very busy with work and moving to a new place. Boxes are everywhere.

On the plus side, the garage is mostly unpacked and ready for the cars to move in. Priorities right?

Things done:

  •  Tweaked Apex-i Boost response is quicker
    • This was lot more difficult as there is no logging so I needed a co-driver
  • Cleaned up vac lines
  • Winter tires
  • Throat mic in place for communication
  • Driving on snow… too fast :rofl:

Things to do:

  • Change oil pan
  • Weld new sitting position (Frak, it sucks being short)
  • Fire Ext (yes, I know I keep saying I will put it in)
  • Oil pressure unit / Sandwich plate
  • Kill Switch
  • Dyno test run (test Afr and maybe new ECU change – S300)
  • Sign up for new season :)
  • Stickers!!!!!

On the side:

  • power windows
  • clean and work on second motor
  • sign up for Honda Challenge Cup
  • debating on Edmonton Grand Prix entry
    • I need more seat time

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