TLC: Block Heater

Current temperature: -36 Celsius with a  -47 Celsius windchill – it’s cold.

Well, the TLC started with no plug in – DAMN YOU TOYOTA for discontinuing the block heater!

It was cold – I blew out a 150A fuse as I had a second battery. Hard wired the TLC so that it would start and it wasn’t pretty. Cranked for 15 or 20 seconds only to get it started. Idle was horrible as it sat at 400 rpm for a good 10 mins and if I gently increased the throttle a little to help the engine it would want to stall – frak!

But, it’s true Toyota made a strong motor. It runs like a champ still. After the warm up and driving around the block everything went back to normal. I was a little worried though as I hearing “flup flup flup flup” as if I had a leak.


Driving the TLC around has made me a good samaritan these days. I carry a light recovery kit all the time and have been boosting and pulling cars out of the ditch. So far no one has been evil and I wonder if I really should be that nice. Some guy even gave me all the money in his wallet since I jumped his car ($80) and the other time I got a case of beer (though I don’t drink).

It’s karma though. Hopefully, if I am stuck in a ditch someone else will be nice to pull me out or offer some assistance.

Update: November 13, 2008, 02:14:03 PM

As to not repeat last year I sourced out parts for the TLC. Just never got around to installing when it was warm out – stupid racing got in the way 🙂

Local Yot dealer charged me $26 CAD

  • C0140-00144-S2

This should be the superseded part.

I did find a cross reference with NAPA: 605-1454

Even better with confirmation that it is indeed the right number:

The Napa # is 605-1454.

The part had the following cast into it: LR20976 400W 115V made in canada.

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