Winter AutoX 2 2007

The ACR came out once again to try and learn how to slide a car out. My focus in driving has always been with not losing control. With gravel it’s just not an option.

Lets go with problems first:
o ACR sits too low (Yes, I bottomed out a few times) – Would be worst if I kept the air dam in place
o shredded accessory belt (what joy that was fun to put back in)
o suspension is too stiff

The good:
o lots of power
o left foot braking and turn in – very good
o optima battery is your friend * really worth the money

Another fun event with some worry. I had some difficulty in letting go the idea of possible rocks hitting the morosso oil pan and then of course losing the accessory belt after my first run I kept losing focus at driving at hand. With that said this event (Winter AutoX) is the second most fun I have had in just driving. I think it has to do with the fact the classification is well simple – Front Wheel Drive, Rear Wheel Drive, All Wheel Drive … and then of course the ability to try so many different lines – although there is competition it’s more of a social event than anything for myself.

Lessons learned:
o Turn quicker with the idea that late apex is just not your friend when it comes to gravel
— don’t ask me why but I kept trying to find a late apex point so I kept trying to push further
o Missing belts suck and suck more having to put back on (note to self – bring tools)
o Optima Batteries are strong and last 4 runs ( I would guess 40 mins )
— low on power the ECU does odd things – such as Tach signal goes away

Left foot braking and allowing the car to rotate gives you the strangest feeling. I know which wheels are losing grip but at the same time with the tire picking up gravel there is some grip. Too much and the car stops or rotates too fast. Do it at the wrong time and well you don’t rotate at all. Then there’s also the feeling that one wheel spins faster than the other.

Ant is just better since he’s had so much more practice in driving the past season and it shows. I’ve gone too long without being exposed to Solo 2 and even track driving this year with life and work in the way I’ve only had the chance to come out 5 times.  Though driving the Ariel Atom has been a highlight on the road course. Anyway, with the violin playing in the background it’s the driver that sucks.

I’m reminded by my friend Dan “It’s not lilke it (the ACR) has lead an easy life” , and that it hasn’t.

I forgot to log some interesting facts.

  • Oil Pressure: 106.3 psi
  • Oil Temperature: 108.7 C / 226.4 F

What about water? I forgot to recorded water….  My guess it would have been at the 100 c / 112 F mark. The rad fan never turned on thanks to the griffin radiator.



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