Too hot to handle

DCF 1.0

Heat is not your friend. At one time I could read over 120 Celsius (248 F)on the moroso oil pan :( . From what I understand Mobil1 Synthetic starts to degrade at 100 Celsius (212 F), so as you can guess I started to worry a little (I know the flash point sits around 210 Celsius.

Coolant Temps were also high and the inter-cooler (infrared readings) was sitting at over 90C to 140C depending on the area.

The main problem is the b pipe. Even with a 3″ SS it radiated so much heat that it was cooking the oil pan (my guess), the inter-cooler (IC) had a hard time charging the pipes as well. The fluidyn rad was the only thing not badly effected by the heat for some reason. Even the carbon fiber hood started to warp  and turn brown right where the turbo ram head sits.

Putting wrap on the manifold helped, but wrapping the longer section past the oil pan (b pipe) was the key. The oil temps are now sitting at less 50 to 65 Celsius, water temps are steady at 90 degrees Celsius. The real test will be how long will oil temps stay once the car has been out for 1hr. On the dyno running oil temperatures are very stable sitting at 58C and thats with the car not really moving air – just fans pushing air.

As for the difference with wrap and no wrap for the IC – I have no evidence other than being able to sustain boost (less heat soak) and the other fat is that you don;t have that fear of putting your hands anywhere near the engine bay (it was that hot).



You’ll notice a small section that is not wrapped – it rips there every time… that’s how fast we ride. Even the wind is the enemy!  :rofl:  (in all honesty – wrap is not cheap)


In this picture we still have an exhaust leak – black section – that’s where the leak is :(

I guess I’ll have to ask around more people to find a better solution. Cooper gasket maker is not a solution – even then it only lasted 3 days.

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