TLC: Power Windows

I haven’t kept up with my posts in this section. I will say this working on trucks == not fun.

Here is my post regarding the windows (reposting from Ih8mud)

Update: November 29, 2007, 05:20:06 PM

Motor taken apart – Not much to it. 2 screws hold the cover.

Warning: The cover is magnetic. It will pull the motor out when you reassem. You will need a small screwdriver to hold it in place so that it does not jump back into the cover.

To take a part the motor cover 2 philip Screws.

(Notice carbon build up – not much though to cause issues IMO)

Motor Cover, Background is the window regulator

Motor taken out

Motor Housing

Lots of carbon buildup. Cleaned off with air and then with electronic wash.  No rust visible. I would suggest it’s not worth the effort in taking apart.

I also took a part the gear housing (no pics) but it’s pretty clean inside.

When I reassembled I had an issue, I could not use the end clips some reason.  Not sure if this would cause an issue. :(

The result: Motor about the same . A bit improved but nothing great. That’s why I say not worth the effort. Unless you’ve had water up to that section – In that case electronic wash is your friend and taking it a part would be worth while.

Window Controler (pretty dirty)

To clean I used electronic wash but isopropyl would work + static free cotton tip  (q tip would be fine)


I took a picture of the “Glass Run” (I incorrectly called it weather stripping which is not correct as weather striping is around the whole door not the glass). I cleaned it last night but talking to CDan I checked it again to make sure it was sitting properly.

I took it out and resprayed it with Silicon spray again.  Same effect very slow up or needs a bit help

Glass Run

Glass Channel

Note: All windows seems slow

What I did next is I took the Passenger window motor out and put in the driver side.

The Window regulator I am replacing as well since it clicks so tha the update for now.

** I’ll edit my post from the top since I seem to calling the parts incorrectly

Update:  November 29, 2007, 05:21:32 PM
Here’s the update while waiting parts from CDan:

After the fiasco in having UPS lose my shipment and then they charging me $80 for brokerage :(

(1) New motor + Old Regulator (bent somwhere) + Old Window Run
With the window in the down position it clicks for the first 2 positions like always). After that the window moves up smooth

(2) New motor + New Regulator + Old Window Run
Window goes up and down like a charm :) (Though not as fast as I would expect)

(3) New motor + New Regulator + New Run
Same as (2). Maybe a little better sliding up (Slides up a bit smoother)

My suggestions through my trials:
(1) Clean Run -> Test
(2) Clean Primary Window Control -> Test
(3) Buy New Window Motor (buy a new run too pretty cheap)

No idea on the why the regulator was bent since I’m the 3rd owner.

I will post pictures later.

So that was the fix. New motor is great! Even with the window wet it runs up and down smooth. As the temperature dropped to -29 C; Driver side smooth and the passenger side slow and a little worry that it may stop.
Note: the passenger side also has a new “glass run”

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