Nov 6, 2007 Status Update



Things to do:
o exhuast leak – need a gasket for the exhaust side of the turbo
o fire suppression remounting
o tow strap remount
o strobes ;)
o change moroso oil pan to the steal stamp version
o replace the POS exedy stage 2 race clutch
o possible oil cooler to add
o oil pressure
o aerodynamic body parts

After a week of playing with the Apex-i AVCR I have boost at a decent level. Seems to be very touchy with the boost spool trick. One thing to note is that boost cut off is your friend!

At 3,876 rpm full boost is a bit scary and un-expectant. The gears have been set so launching won’t be difficult of scary the crap out of you. I know, taking away the fun. But, honestly it’s no fun going through the gears and not moving.

I think I can tweak the boost settings in the middle for better response but I can’t do it on my own.  To make the changes it’s really a two person job.

The bigger issue now is the exhaust leak on the “hot” or turbo exhaust side. I can find no information on how to fix this. Everyone says use copper gasket – really?

A note: Alamo Turbo in town sucks for tech support – It’s like all they know are big turbo’s; beyond that good luck (yes, that’s where I got the turbo from). grrrrrrr

The Apex-i scramble boost feature comes in handy. I ended up dailing back the boost and then with a a hit of the boost button I can switch to full boost.

The boost by gear selection feels like it’s one of those gimmick features . I’m sure it can work, but would you ever spend the time in teaching it and  would you trust it?

Alamo still sucks balls. The information regarding turbo pressure and specification – WTFBBQ! The “experts” have no idea the amount of pressure this turbo should be seeing and even more important the oil flow characteristics.

From what i gather: B series at a min you want to see 60 psi at idle which is what I am seeing at start up but with the restricted flow of -3an (increase pressure but decreases flow) the pressure stays higher as the oil warms up pressure decreases. The problem as Legendboy (Cory) mentioned is to check and measure the -3an fitting which is what came from Alamo… inlet which was flared out is actually a -4an in siz.

Anyway, all said and done I can disassembled the turbo in 30 mins or less and reassemble in that amount of time. I’m going to have to look for a fitting that is smaller.

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