Crane Cams

I decided to go to the dark side…

DCF 1.0

After finding a couple of Mopar valve springs retaining clips in the oil pan it was time to get rid of them (yes, I’m feeling pretty lucky).

The Mopar valve springs are of a double coil design (the Integra Type R uses the same design). Pulling the valve cover off there are no springs that were compressed or broken.  I can;t tell if the it nicked anything as it broke off until the cams come off.

I opted for the crane cams only to read that the SOHC are designed much stronger than the DOHC ones – WTFBBQ? Oh well, too late.

So while I’m at it i might as well replace the cams – frak

My concern is whether or not the specifications they provided are true, but then the reality is that I would have to also pull the motor out and measure that out as well… (I know first world problems). Too bad I don’t have a money tree.

DCF 1.0


I enlisted my friend who is a Mopar master – Mike Palmer.  Thanks for the help!


  • A funky idle. Talk about over lap
    • Nothing horrible but the over lap does make starting sometimes difficult if I don’t catch it.
  • Just a neon…

The good:

  • The interesting part is fuel economy has gone up to 525km – 550 km per tank :D with Mohawk 94 Octane (don’t ask why –> that makes it $0.14/km)
  • Mid level torque is amazing!

The current setup:

  • MP Race Header (Ported + Ceramic coated to 1800F)
  • 60MM TB (ApexModified)
  • Port and Polished Intake
  • MP Valve Train
  • MP IceMan

Technically, the ACR is setup for more than 8000 rpm ;); if only the engine was lol

Why crane cams?

They were the least drastic based on the numbers for my mild NA applications. The other issue was it was difficult to order crower and there have been talk of quality control issues at that time on

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