The bad five letter word – Racing

My little soap box of the day:

There are so many reasons these days to not go to the track.

  • AutoSlalom is in need of a venue
    • Club is getting political on trivial matters (IMHO)
    • To be fair it seems the whole racing community – too many old guards
  • Race City Motorsport Park – Uncertain future for the track
    • It will be shutdown – just when?
  • Angle Factory shut down – Check out
    • Why the drama? It was a safe environment and well run.
  • Lots of old school mentality and opposition
    • Tuner cars is not a new phenomenon whether it be domestic or foreign
  • The term “Street Racing” is now big news when we have more Drunk Driving incidents
    • which comes back to Race City – we need a race track

Of course, it doesn’t help the race community that there are an increased number of individuals that rent the track and forget (I’m putting it as nice as I can) safety protocols. It’s not safe for anyone if the track isn’t being utilized in a safe manner.  You end up hurting the organizations that rent the track under a banner.

It also doesn’t give any street cred to the tuners. You get the “noob” who is angst how they don’t get respect – how the racer’s look down at them. Well, yeah. That’s the harsh reality – you think that a monkey bar is going to save your life when you hit the wall – all because a real cage doesn’t look pretty.  Don’t be a pretender.

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