Oil Lines

DCF 1.0



From the ridiculousness setup from Alamo of -4AN / -5AN I’ve reduced the line to -3AN. So far no more leaks on the ground and the turbo isn’t covered in oil. I think this will need to be reduced further, but this is a start.
DCF 1.0


I even splurged and shortened the oil line. 😀

DCF 1.0

A small concern is the oil sending unit. Honda uses the BNTP (British Pipe Thread) over the NPT that is used in north America. The differences must be very minute as the BNTP to NTP threads look the same and even thread into each other. So far it works.DCF 1.0The vacuum line needs to be shorten as well – would suck if it got snagged on something from the ground.

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