It’s Alive!

Yes, that’s right the race car is alive :)

No more oil leaks, big puff’s of smoke, special oil slick spills (it was puking oil) ….

Life is good! Heading back to Toma’s Dyno before the snow and the car will be ready for the 2008 race season!

Things on the to do list (like there ever won’t be any ):

  • Re route the Oil Line it’s messy, but functional
  • Fire Supression – been on the list from the very start
  • Dyno – A/F @ 10.9 is a bit rich – a street tune might cure that
  • Seat adjustment – at 5’7″ I’m still too short – I need one more notch on that seat
    • Seat Padding – a bit more padding for me (no, I won’t be adding taking on weight)
  • New Road Race Oil Pan (current is drag)
  • New suspension stuff
    • Different spring rates
    • Thicker Sway bars
  • Wash Car and clean the oil spill underneath
    • Clean all the oil on the chasis and parts :(
  • 2007 Video Compilation – if I can get some time away from the garage
  • Street tires back on the car


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