Dyno in October

A big shout out to Rage2 and Toma who braved the cold.

Dynomotive (the ONLY place to for Dyno / tuning).

Uberdata 1.666


Lets go through the problems:

  • Exedy Stage 2 clutch is letting go. Full boost @6500 on 4th gear and 5 gear is not possible
  • A bit more smoke coming out of the tail pipes. The rings are a bit loose.
  • Uberdata – map changes are acting strange. Some of the values are doing the opposite.
    • to combat that I wrote a few lines of code, but some values keep altering
  • Chrome has similar issues and boost values are difficult to transfer over

hondataSwitching to hondata – Rom Editor 3.6.5 fix’s some issues but their tables seem to change – something is compensating for the values that are being are changed. The downside to this is that every cell has to be rechecked to make sure that the values  coordinate the appropriate cell. Hondata, is of course being hush hush about the issue so I’m in the dark on this one (beta version has the same issue).

Things we learned

  • Power continues upward through to redline even at 8000 rpm, but torque plateaus.
    • Talk about being dangerous for a B18b
  • Ostrich V1 and V2 Emulator – Broken (waiting on fix)
  • O2 sensor
    • Open loop
      • A reading occurs from time to time so you get a nice CEL
      • Funky idle when you lift 0 at times it may drop to 200 rpm when you lift throtle to neutral
    • Close Loop
      • Funky idle when you lift 0 at times it may drop to 200 rpm when you lift throttle to neutral but not that bad (I’ll investigate more but this is what I notice)
        • This could be me setting the idle adjuster or idle screw incorrectly
  • Hondata
    • Why have the ability to change 3d but not 2d lines?
    • A little more testing on code please. Hire some QA cause it’s ridonkulous that bin files change

Anyway, V3 and V4 romeditor is lacking lots compared to their S300 which it looks like I think Hondata is going to push user to.

  • I guess I should post some power numbers (not really important of worth bragging).

For the curious: Peak Horsepower: 277whp…

Ok, even with those issues we hit 318 whp – talk about wow and wtf is with this B18b?!?


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