Test and Tune EG

Test and tune day (sorry no pictures or video):

The civic has a tendency to snap over steer when going through the curbing of the corners. The odd part is that even when I take it easy through the corner the rear end still wants to come out. Threshold breaking is very scary and add boost at the same time I end up with way too much steering input.

As I became comfortable I was able to drop my times from reviewing data logs. I do feel that the rear brakes are locking up before the front…

So what do the data log show?

  • Top end speed is sitting at 234km/h with a run that hit 236km/h
  • On average I was completing the circuit 1:28.6
    • The run where I had snap over steer in almost every corner I ended up with a 1:24.5
  • At every corner the g circle spikes

What did I learn?

I need more practice or the car setup is wrong or I need to drop the boost down or a combination of everything…

At the moment, I’m leaning towards the car as the problem area.  I’ve never had  to work so hard to keep the car straight. In the ACR neon I was doing 1:33 and it was very calming – this is just a monster to drive.

The issue is that there are too many things going on and I’ll have to sit down and absorb it in.

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