EFI: Ostrich V2

Such a compact device and in asm too.  😉

I’ll post a review once I get things sorted. In the background I’ve been having a slight issue with setting up D12 on the P28 for wideband so that I can get LM1 to run correctly and sync together.

August 28, 2007, 12:17:45 AM

So far there is an issue with Ostrich V20.0.3
Thank gawd I have coding skills – hahah one day I knew it would have paid off:  http://www.moates.net/zips/firmware/protocols/
Running my own test it works – Of course I was impatient so I wrote a simple protocol to see if there was communication between the devices. Talk about old school. brings back memories of programming MNP Protocols. Anyway, communication between serial to moates is working. It stops there for me. I have to wait for a firmware patch or I could …
The issue come down to with Hondata ROMeditor or moates firmware not communicating / out of sync (I will post up my settings once things are cleared up). Reading a few more forums I find that Hondata is secretive on their protocol exchange which is just silly to protect. I’ll wait a few more days, but it’s not hard to scope.
On another note:
I can re verified through another program from TunerPro RT (it’s free to download). Very cool for GM cars 1985-1995. Only $30 to use or $15 with Ostrich.

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