Aug 07 Solo2

I was finally able to take the car out for a test run before heading to the track for a test and tune day.  I know – terrible driving – I debated if it was even worth posting up. It was a cheap event to get some seat time; so I thought. At the drivers meeting I told everyone that I was testing the car and I won’t be using the design of the solo2 track.

What has changed?

The front sway bar has been changed out for a thicker bar and the suspension has been changed to coil overs sleeves. Before these changes the car has a tendency to over-steer (rear end comes loose) under a corner. Now that the car has been properly balanced it’s a guess to what will happen.

In the video I did all the classic wrong’s (you can point out them out in the video) and I couldn’t break the car loose. Sitting back and analyzing what happened, I’ve come to the conclusion it just wasn’t the right environment. I only learned that the race car drives extreamly well as a street car.


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