EG Update

Not a whole lot to write up in between work and garage life.

Oil is still an issue. I dropped off the turbo to Alamo again and this time to open up and see what is going on. The turbo is coated in oil. No leaks from the oil pan or the return line.

Alamo comes back with scorched bearings and scorched backplate :(.  A hundered dollars later and it looks like no more leaks and hopefully less oil consumption.

The other issue is crankcase Ventilation –> I dunno. I’ve seen lots forum talk, but that question still remains as to how do you know if you have too much pressure and oppsoite I’m sure is just as bad – too much ventilation.

New Additions / work to be done

o (Installed) 6 point Harness by Sabelt –> Now we can drive like Schumacher
o Working on completing the Defi gauges
o Racing seat move up
o Bumper modified to fit intercooler
o reroute water cooling
o Comptech rear reinforcement
o Hondata install/tune for more POWER
o Kill Switch


After seeing a friends Subie go up in flames on the track time to really sit down and install fire suppression.

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