Oil Return Line Again




The braided lines are leaking and those expensive AN / JIC fittings ; though pretty, just isn’t working out.

Talking with Matt aka. Talonman he suggested I look at nylon braided hose – aka Racing hose.

The mock setup – testing fitment and length.


A quick visit to Greenline Hose and we have this:

DCF 1.0


Not bad for $22 🙂 The braided line is good for -100 C to 500 C.  You da man Matt!

On to the next issue. I discovered watching the oil level from the return line that the capacity is incorrect at 5.2L (5.5 Quarts).  It looks like I only need about 4.4 litres of oil  so that I can allow oil to drain back in properly.

This may not be the solution I may still have to fabricate a a pipe, but this works for now. I’m just tired of dealing with oil.

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