Oil Drama

Oil is just not my friend – really it’s not.

It just ruins any wanting to play with cars. Dont, get me wrong I enjoy working on cars just as much as the next guy that has a wall of tools (must be some sort of sickness or red green thing…). No wait, we just don’t have the $$ to have our own mechnic or service crew- doh!

When things don’t work it’s just a ball of frustration. I think I called almost everyone that I knew that ran Turbo setups along with friends in NASA that race.

Is it Oil return line?
Is it too much oil?
Is it Crankcase Ventalation?
Is it a turbo failure?

1.5 hours later…

So, I dropped the turbo off at Alamo and they took it in to have a look – no charge. I’m surprised. Since they don’t know why which has me worried.


Their bench test shows the turbo is OK. The suggest I look at the oil return line as it may be creating a pool of oil.

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