Angle Factory

We came out in support of our friends Quentin and Ryan – (site is closed). It’s a driving development event for drifters. It’s a good safe place to come out and practice.

They are hosting a proper event. I know I’ll prob get some hate mail, but the other guys… come on – the events need to be safe. You can’t complain about “the racers” not  understanding or “giving” you a chance when the events are unsafe. <soap box>


61263135_IMG_0966 61263139_IMG_1107 (1)

It was a good place to do some test runs even though we would be only doing “grip” (don’t be silly – we’re not going to attempt to drift the EG). What we needed was to do some datalogs and test the turbo out.





It was also just good to be out and chatting with friends and seeing other fiends cars like Pat’s 240sx, Paul’s AE87 (I think), Q’s beautiful AE86…


  • Anglefactory is now defunct. It’s a shame 🙁

Update 2:


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