At the start I’ve been using Wilwood 570 brake fluid with marginal success. Brake pedal feel under heavy braking was inconsistent. After a few runs brake fade would be eminent and then your cheeks start to pucker as you barrow down corner 1 at 230+ km/h as the brake pedal sunk to floor. It felt like a ticking time bomb.


I was skeptical at first, but after talking with Ant who drive a very fast supercharged RSX shared the same issue of inconsistent brake pedal feel using Wilwood 570.

#ThrowBack – It’s just too bad I can no longer find Motor Master “Ford 550 DOT 3” @ $4 a full bottle. It was cheap brake fluid to use and most importantly it worked for racing. It was magical stuff since the label had nothing other than the label.

I’m pretty sure by now both Mark (Kungfu Panda) and Spencer hate bleeding brakes, as we’ve consistently have had to do this after every run. Thanks guys for the help!

The lesson learned is to use the brakes less.

Thanks to Pat at STRD for being hooking me up.


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