Video: Away From 3 Years

I have been away from 3 years of AutoX / Auto Slalom / Solo 2 and it shows with my bad driving for the CSCC WinterAutoX series.

The little violin I bring out would say that its because of road racing. The reality is that I forgot how fast you have to react and how much thinking you need.

Now, with more friends involved it has sparked some wanting to go back and so far I’ve laughed the most. I miss the BS that goes on at Solo events and it’s more fun not organizing events. It has been refreshing and a reminder that all disciplines are different.

Sit back and catch a glimps of Winter AutoX or I guess laugh at my driving  …

The vehicle : 1998 ACR neon. Sponsors: Screamin’ Paint Works;

Audio is mixed in . Turn the speak on Left or Right.

To the left is Anthony and to the right is me (Ant is the better driver)

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