Away From Racing

I have been working a lot more out of the country and there just doesn’t seem to be enough time as I cross timezones back and forth.

So it’s been about three and a half (3.5) years of not being involved with any Autoslalom and it really shows that I am out of practice as I entered the CSCC winter AutoX season.

Now, with more friends involved it has sparked some wanting to go back and so far I’ve laughed the most and it’s been refreshing to go back and pickup or remove habits that I picked up.

Sit back and catch a glimps of Winter AutoX or I guess laugh at my driving  :rofl:

The vehicle : 1998 ACR neon. Sponsors: Screamin’ Paint Works;

To the left is a good driver  :thumbsup: and to the right is me  :thumbsdow:
The video I have split the audio track as well. If you want to hear just the one side Listen to only the left for the left video and vice versa.

Left is me trying to drive (My reactions are late) – Left Audio
Right is Anthony who I think was just a regional Solo2 Champion – Right Audio

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